Costs and Fees

Student Owned (BYOD) Devices:

Care, repair, and maintenance of non-district owned devices are the responsibility of the student. There is no additional cost to utilize a BYOD device that conforms to NVRHS specifications.

District Owned Devices:

NVRHS requires all students participating in the school-issued device program to pay a usage fee. The fee is currently $75 per school year, non-refundable, and is used for student technology services that include network infrastructure and software that supports instructional activities. It also helps to fund technology used in classrooms and labs for courses requiring computer interaction. The fee support all factors of the 1-1 program including but not limited to hardware support, software support, network connectivity, internet bandwidth, software licensing, record-keeping, and provides coverage for the duration of the school year.

Usage fee coverage:

  • Accidental Damage (drops, cracks, liquid)

  • Liquid Submersion

  • Fire/Flood

  • Vandalism

  • Natural Disasters

  • Lightning Power Surge

  • Theft

  • Accidental damage to the power cord

  • Accidental damage to the case

The usage fee coverage does not include:

  • intentional or dishonest acts of vandalism

  • theft from unsecured locations

In the event that the district denies a claim, the Student/Parent would be responsible for the replacement/repair costs.