Costs and Fees

Student Owned (BYOD) Devices:

Care, repair, and maintenance of non-district owned devices are the responsibility of the student. There is no additional cost to utilize a BYOD device that conforms to NVRHS specifications.

District Owned Devices:

NVRHS requires participation in a maintenance program if you choose to utilize a district owned device. The fee is currently $75 per school year, non-refundable, and provides coverage for the duration of the school year.


  • Accidental Damage (drops, cracks, liquid)
  • Liquid Submersion
  • Fire/Flood
  • Vandalism
  • Natural Disasters
  • Lightning Power Surge
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage to the power cord
  • Accidental damage to the case

The maintenance fee does not cover:

  • intentional or dishonest acts of vandalism
  • theft from unsecured locations

In the event that the district denies a claim, the Student/Parent would be responsible for the replacement/repair costs.