Program Information

The commitment of the District to maintain a 1:1 laptop environment allows for families to receive a District- issued 11″ MacBook Air or families may provide their own Mac laptop to each student if the laptop meets these minimum specifications.

All students and families regardless of choice of school issued or BYOD will be required to:

  • attend a Family Training Orientation program (several opportunities will be scheduled prior to program launch);
  • review and acknowledge reading of all related handbooks, acceptable use policies, and laptop care agreement;
  • agree to have installed mobile device management (MDM) software. To read more about our MDM policy click here; and
  • provide a laptop stereo headset.

In order for a student to receive a District-issued Mac laptop to take home during the school year only (excluding summer months), the parent/guardian and student must also:

  • immediately after completing this survey make a laptop maintenance fee payment of $75/year. To read more about our maintenance program for district-issued devices click here; and
  • agree to turn in the District laptop and District – issued accessories at the end of the school year.

If a family decides to provide their child with a Mac laptop, the parent/guardian and student must also:

  • provide a laptop case and power supply; and
  • agree to pay a per diem daily fee if a personal laptop is under repair and a District-owned loaner laptop is needed; and
  • agree to consult homeowners insurance for property loss, damage or stolen property.