Transfer Student Information

Transfer students that are newly enrolled in our schools during the school year should do the following to get up and running in our technology systems as soon as possible:

After the student is enrolled and active in PowerSchool, they should report to Tech Services in the building (2nd Floor across from Mathematics office in NVOT / Room B104 in NVD). When the student reports there, our technicians will set up their Single Sign On (SSO) network account, Google account, and provide a loaner laptop. The new student’s Haiku account will become active the following morning.

Next, student and parent must review the program material at and decide whether the student will bring their own MacBook that meets our minimum specifications or if they will accept a school issued laptop. The parent/guardian must notify Mr. Saleh, Director of Technology, of the decision via email at within one week of enrollment. Upon receiving the response via email, Mr. Saleh will guide the student and parent through the rest of the process.